An ongoing celebration of our new life, my sister’s birthday and thanksgiving day now come to the end. Thank you everyone for being there with us. Our parents who are healthy and supportive. My sisters who are gentle, funny and creative. A husband who is handsome, thoughtful and appreciative of me. Funny loud friends always around us. And you, still with me after two years on the blog.

Simple beauty





I am loving all the get together dinner celebration and enjoying the simple beauty of the birthday flowers! Thank you all for the warm wishes. If you know me I love photograph. I will photograph those small moments random moments so I will never forget them. I am going to continue to celebrate throughout the weekend with my friends and family. Hope you have a cozy weekend!


I have not been spending much time on the blog. My summer vacation and wedding planning has been picking up leaving me away from this little space. I can’t complain, life in the summer is just busy and full of fun planning.
Photo by wylen.